Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm Mom

I am a mom.

I am used to waking up early and going to bed late. I am used to eating the burnt parts of dinner and eating the children's scraps, so it doesn't go to waste. I am used to thinking of myself last, if at all.

I have ten hundred things to do and do ten things at once.

I have been spit up on, pooped on, and farted on by little beings.

I am a go getter... I go get the kids from school, practice, or wherever. I go get the lunchbox out of the car when no else wants to and I go get milk when we are out.

I have that can do attitude, because if I don't do it, it won't get done. 

I only have time to myself when I'm taking a shower or going potty, even then, it's a full on intrusion. 

I have said "no" a hundred times in a hundred different ways. 

I am a best friend, mediator, an entertainer. I'm the chef, nurse, and teacher.

I am a boo kisser, story teller, and the best tucker inner at night.

I am a party planner and a meal planner.

I do the work of a thousand men with just the right gentleness of one mom.

I offer my time, knowledge, and experience to help my children learn the ways of this world.

I hold the hearts of these little beings in my hand while they have mine.

Not only am I a mom, I am a woman full of pride. Proud of the little beings that I have created and molded. I appreciate those little moments that I share with my children every day.

I may be many things to others, but a mom to a few. The three boys who want to marry me someday and my little lady who looks at me with a grin every time.


The only thing you can be sure of in life, is that things are ever changing. It seems that when seem just right and you are most comfortable, bam! Everything changes. Sometimes for the good and sometimes not so good. But it is sure that no matter what life brings you, it is only temporary.

This keeps happening to me. Especially lately. Since the move back to South Florida, it has been nonstop changing. First, I was a stay at home mom, then my old child are center wanted me back. So, I went to work, then our school was sold. It has been nothing but changes since the new owner came along. Many wonderful changes, toward an Eco friendly school, technology in the classrooms, cleaner methods of sanitizing. It has been quite interesting to be a part of all this change. 

With change comes some level of comfort, especially when that change brought a more gentle person into your life. I went from a brash, crude co teacher to a sweet lady who appreciates the children, so much so she even brought in a snow cone machine from her house with all of her syrups to make snow cones for the children. Today when I was leaving work, she said "I think I'll pop some popcorn for the children, they love popcorn." She just loves what she does and that's great.

I feel so blessed that I have people in my life who are caring, gentle and understanding. She is such a blessing and welcomed addition to our school and more so to our classroom.

Here we go with the change again as summer quickly approaches. My new loving co teacher will soon be off to host summer camp for the older children while I stay back and take care of the prek kids. Don't get me wrong, I love my little ones, but the camp trips are so much fun. It goes without saying, life is forever changing.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes it's a picture or a another blogger's blog post. A lot of times I am inspired by Pinterest or blogs I follow on Facebook. We are made up of inspirations. You don't just wake up one day and say "I'm going to make my own pizza crust." Or say "I'm going to use baking soda for shampoo." We all make choices based on the inspirations all around us. 

It's nice when you realize that you are an inspiration to someone. I've had many great influences to guide me through parenthood. I've made my choices as a mom by watching family and friends. But now it seems someone has been watching me. My niece just found out she is pregnant and she calls me up to ask me questions about cloth diapering and breastfeeding. I love it! 

I am such an advocate for breastfeeding and cloth diapering that I tell even strangers, young mothers, and anyone with children all about the many benefits for her and her child. At the WIC office a young mother told me about her many mishaps in her early days. I encouraged her to try nursing again and she went to see the lactation consultant to see about building a supply again. Like I said "advocate". 

It just fills my heart with joy that not only is my niece growing up and is going to be a mommy, but that she wants to be an all natural mommy. I am so proud of the young woman she has become and embrace that I am an inspiration to her. I welcome her questions and cannot wait to help her and teach her with breastfeeding and cloth diapering. Oh, it is so rewarding. 

What inspires you? Or have you been an inspiration to someone else? I want to hear all about in the comments below. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year End Review

The Augimeri family has had quite the year for 2013. We started the year in South Carolina, far away from Sourh Florida, our home, with our three boys and pregnant with our little girl. Here's a nutshell of the Augimeri Family's year 2013. 

Bobby made it through third grade. Travis cut open his finger on glass and was rushed to the ER for stitches. Bobby gained some freedom to play outside with less supervision and to explore the woods. Devin went to kindergarten and fell in love his kindergarten teacher��. 
I went back to school to start a new career in the health field. Hubby and I quit smoking. My grandmother passed away and is now in heaven. I drove to Texas and back with my mom which was unusual because she did all the driving in the past. I got to see family for a day and a half. 

Travis matured from older toddler to young man. I gave birth to Marlee in the bath tub with only my hubby and midwife present, oh and the boys were there too. I realized school was not a good idea with a newborn and Augi decided his job was not working for him. No income and our rental home going on the market brought us back to South Florida. Hubby and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary and our eighth anniversary. My director wanted me to come work for her as the school was being sold. Honored as I was, I accepted a position at my old school. Happy to be back with my second family even though a lot has changed. 

I've learned to say "no" and read between the lines. I have learned to ask and accept help from others. I have learned to ask questions when I don't understand and to shut my mouth about things that are not my business. I have learned that not everyone thinks like me and that people are who they are and there is no changing them. I have learned that there are many things that make me mad but I can't change. I change the things I can. 

I have learned a great deal about food and additives. Shoot, I have learned a lot about natural living and health overall. I don't think my family even had medicine at all this year. I learned how to make my own pizza crust from scratch and bake cookies and a whole load of foods from scratch. I made a cake from scratch,took me 8 hours and lost it to the floor board of the van. I have explored cooking in bulk; I can see how it's beneficial to but have not yet figured out the best method of storage yet. I have dwindled out most plastics and use more glass and stainless steel. I have learned that coconut oil is the best treatment for almost anything and tea tree oil is second best. I have learned that vinegar is your friend and harsh cleaners are dangerous. 

I have become a born again Christian and have accepted Christ into my heart once again. I enjoy going to church and taking the kids to church and reading my bible. I listen to the Christian station and love it. I have become a more confident mommy and a calmer more chill version of myself. I have learned to love life as it is and appreciate the blessings in my life. 

There were a lot of firsts this year. Marlee is the first baby born into this marriage. Marlee was a home water birth with no doctors. That's a first for me. She's also the first baby of ours not born in Florida. I was a stay at home mom for the first time ever and had mixed feelings about it. I am cloth diapering for the first time ever.  

2013 has been an up and down year for us with many blessings and some mishaps along the way. I can only hope that 2014 is a great year too. 

My aspirations for the new year are to get this family eating healthier, not just me for the sake of losing weight but everyone for the sake of health. I plan to incorporate more veggies and try new recipes. I plan on becoming a super strict mommy in the kitchen when it comes to mealtime. 

What are your aspirations for 2014, leave your comments below. 


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